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Do What You Love....


Chahrazed Chadli was born and raised in Algeria, a country whose palate is influenced by various other cultures: Berber, Andalusian, Ottoman, Arabic, and even French cuisine. There, she spent time with her family, learning all the traditional techniques and flavors that made Algerian food so unique. Her love for food began. 

After moving to Brooklyn at the age of 6, Chahrazed was surrounded by many other kinds of cultures and cuisines that all seemed to blend together flawlessly.  Each chef and creator was proud, motivated, and excited to share their culture with patrons who began to understand the message each chef was trying to express through flavor alone. 

She spent time working at Confit French Bistro, learning traditional French cooking techniques such as how to confit meats, prepare delicate crepe batters, and bake fresh bread.

After that, she worked at Rosa Blanca for Iron Chef Jose Garces as a Garde Manager & Pastry Chef. Working for a respected chef in such a professional kitchen taught her speed, the importance of cleanliness, and how to keep a healthy kitchen running under intense pressure. 

Locally, Chahrazed assisted Mikuna Kitchen. Working for a small, family-owned business inspired her to conserve and use every ingredient possible, and work closely with local farmers and producers to deliver the best quality ingredients.

At Beer House Cafe, her mission is to bring awareness of Algerian cuisine to the community, while still paying homage to the classic American dishes we all love. 


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